Exercises for Lesson 257

Test your knowledge with the following exercises:

  • Flash cards: Learn five vocabulary words from the lesson with a variety of learning methods.
  • Recorder: Record yourself reading a passage and compare your voice to Jeff’s.
  • Dictation: Listen to two sentences. Write what you hear and see how close you come.
  • Missing words: Fill in the missing words in a paragraph from today’s lesson.
  • Quiz: How much did you understand from today’s lesson?

Flash cards

Learn five words from today’s episode. Choose your favorite “study mode” in the bottom-right hand corner. 

In this spot, Plain English Plus+ members get these great exercises:

  • Quizlet vocabulary exercises
  • Record your voice & perfect your pronunciation
  • Write what you hear & perfect your listening
  • Fill in the blanks and with the right verb tenses and prepositions
  • Test your understanding with a lesson quiz
  • All the other great benefits, including the fast version of the audio, video lessons, live calls, forums, and more!
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