What you get as a Plain English member

Here are the features that make Plain English the best way to study English online:

Lessons about the world

Over 250 audio lessons about current events, business, politics, technology, art, science, the environment and more. Never be bored studying English!

Included in: Forever Free, Starter, Plus

Choose your speed

Listen at a slower learning speed or at full native speed. Switch between the two speeds to train your ear to understand English at full speed.

Included in: Plus

Live video calls

Never be confused by English expression again! Explore our library of over 250 audio lessons about English expressions, chock full* of real-world examples.

Included in: Plus

Full lesson transcripts

Don’t you hate hearing a word but not knowing what it is? We do too. That’s why all our lessons have full word-for-word transcripts online.

Included in: Forever Free, Starter, Plus

Expressions library

Never be confused by English expression again! Explore our library of over 250 audio lessons about English expressions, full of real-world examples.

Included in: Forever Free, Starter, Plus

Test your listening

Listen to a sentence and write down exactly what you hear. Then see how close you came to the correct words and spelling.

Included in: Plus

Video tutorials

Do you ever get stuck trying to express a complicated idea? Our video lessons teach you how to express yourself in English and challenge you to apply what you learn.

Included in: Plus

Built-in translations

Our audio lesson transcripts include instant translations of the hardest English words & phrases into 7 languages, so you never have to pause the audio to look up a word. See a demo here.

Included in:  Starter, Plus

Vocabulary flash cards

It’s much more fun to learn words when you have a reason to learn them! Practice the words you hear on each lesson with our private Quizlet flashcard set.

Included in: Starter, Plus

Community of learners

Learning is more fun when you’re learning with others! Connect with English students around the world in our lively and supportive forums. Jeff and JR are in the forums every day, too!

Included in: Plus

Ask anything in English

Ask Jeff any question about English. It can be about a Plain English lesson or something you see or hear elsewhere. No topic is off-limits!

Included in: Plus

Record your own voice

Improve your pronunciation by recording your own voice, listening to yourself, and comparing your pronunciation to Jeff’s.

Included in: Plus

Lesson quizzes

How much did you understand? Check your listening and reading comprehension by taking the quiz after each lesson.

Included in: Plus

Verb & preposition quizzes

Practice your verb tenses and prepositions with our interactive “fill in the blank” exercises.

Included in: Plus

Informal speech

English is full of informal speech: slang, sayings, and expressions. Browse our library of 250+ “Learn the Lingo” definitions and sound like a native!

Included in: Forever Free, Starter, Plus

Skills courses

Let’s face it: studying is hard work. We’re here to help with mini-courses about English skills to help with your speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Included in: Forever Free (basic courses), Starter (basic courses), Plus (all courses)

Writing practice

Build your confidence by writing. Answer questions, discuss the issues, and meet new friends in the supportive forums. 

Included in: Plus

Further reading

Like what you see? Read more about your favorite topics by following the links following each main lesson.

Included in: Forever Free, Starter, Plus