Dig in your heels

To 'dig in your heels' is to refuse to change your mind.



DefinitionYour turn

To “dig in your heels” is to refuse to change your mind or your opinion, especially if there is outside pressure to do so. Example: You propose to your family that you’ll cook outside on the grill today. Your family wants to order a pizza, but you really want to cook outside. Now, the sky turns gray and it looks like it’s going to rain. But even though it would be better to order a pizza, and even though others want to get the pizza, you “dig in your heels” and insist on cooking outside on the grill.

In today’s lesson, you heard that Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter, signing a binding contract to buy the company. Then, he said the deal was “on hold.” But Twitter dug in its heels: it refused to go along with Musk’s new proposal. It refused to change its position and Twitter took Elon Musk to court.

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