Something is 'eye-popping' if it's large and very surprising



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To understand eye-popping, think about the cartoons you watched as a kid. How did they express surprise? Often, a cartoon character’s eyes would get really big, and even pop out of their heads.

In English, something is “eye-popping” if it’s so shocking and surprising that it would make your eyes open wide with surprise. This is often used with large numbers. “Eye-popping” is used to describe how big the number is.

Qatar won the rights to host the World Cup, but didn’t have the necessary stadiums or infrastructure. So Qatar spent an eye-popping $220 billion to get ready for the event. (The number is very high and shocking, especially compared with other World Cup hosts.)

FTX was a cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed in 2022. It lost an eye-popping $8 billion of customer funds.

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