If there are 'oodles' of something, there are a lot of them



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To have “oodles of” something is to have a lot of it. This is typically used with countable nouns. In today’s lesson, you heard that old mattress companies would have oodles of model numbers, making it different to comparison shop. This means that they had lots and lots of model numbers. They may only have made 10 mattresses, but they might have a different model name and number in every different store they’re sold in. So, while there might only be 10 products, there could be hundreds (oodles) of model numbers. This was one way they tried to confuse consumers.

It takes a lot of electronics to produce a podcast. Jeff has frequently said he has oodles of cords and cables attached to all his equipment: a microphone, lights, a recorder, a computer, monitor, and headphones.

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