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  • Step-by-step videos

    We take the hardest parts of English and break them down into easy-to-follow video lessons. Then, we give you the chance to practice in a realistic situation.

  • Fast & slow audio

    Understand English at full speed by listening to the fast version of every lesson (even in a podcast app!)

  • Interactive exercises

    Take a quiz, test your listening, practice pronunciation, and expand your vocabulary with interactive exercises in each lesson set.

  • Translated transcripts

    See translations of the hardest words in each lesson instantly, so you never have to pause audio to understand a word. Available in Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, Turkish, and Polish.)

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Practice in a safe environment so you can speak confidently in the real world.

Online forums, comment areas, and live Zoom calls prepare you for real-world situations.


Understand English at full speed with fast audio and instant translations.

Gradually move to the fast audio and build your vocabulary with translations, flashcards, and quizzes.


Move beyond simple sentences and learn to express complex ideas.

Video lessons break down the hardest concepts in English so you can express your best ideas, no matter how complex they are.

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Frequently-asked questions

Don’t see your question? Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a reply.

Is Plain English Plus+ right for me?

If you like the free Plain English lessons and you’re looking to upgrade your English, then you’ll love Plain English Plus+! Everything is based on the existing lessons and the Plus+ membership is run by Jeff and JR, the same people behind the lessons you already love.

The most popular features are the video lessons, personalized feedback, and fast audio.

What is the difference between the Plus+ and free memberships?

The free membership includes slow-speed audio and lesson transcripts. The Plus+ membership adds fast audio, video lessons, instant translations, and interactive exercises. Plus+ members also get personal feedback on practice, invitations to live Zoom calls, and the chance to ask any question in English in the forums. There’s more than we can list here, so try it out!

Where can I listen to the fast audio?

The fast audio is available on each lesson page. You can also access it from popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, so you can listen on your iPhone or Android device on-the-go.

Do the video lessons have subtitles?

Yes! You can turn them on or off right from the video player on the site.

Is my payment secure?

Yes! Your payment is processed through either Stripe or PayPal, two of the leading e-commerce payment processors.

Will the price ever go up?

No! The price we offer new members may rise, but existing members will keep their price for life. If you join now, your price will never go up.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel any time directly from the Account area of the site with no penalty. Your membership will be active until the end of your current period. If you just need to take a break, you can always pause your membership instead.

Do you offer refunds?

If Plain English Plus+ isn’t right for you, simply request a refund within 30 days of joining.

I always look forward to the next lessons. The videos and live conversation calls with Jeff and JR make me feel part of a learning community.

LeonPlus+ member, The Netherlands

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