Culture clash

A culture clash is a situation where some people's behavior doesn't mix with others'



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A culture clash is a situation where two groups of people mix together, but there is conflict because the two groups don’t share the same attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors.

This often arises when two groups are forced to interact for the first time. In today’s lesson, you heard that there’s a culture clash between tennis players an pickleball players. They both have to share public courts, but the two groups are very different.

Tennis players are more conservative, more reserved, more competitive. Pickleball players are more social. They don’t follow all the same behaviors of tennis players…but they are playing on tennis courts. The result is a culture clash: there is conflict between the two groups.

When two companies merge, there is often a culture clash. The workplace culture may be different in the two companies. Workers on each side may behave differently; they may have different attitudes and expectations. And that may result in conflict.

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