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Say 'get this' before you make a surprising statement



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“Get this” is an informal way of starting a sentence when you’re about to say something surprising or shocking.

In today’s lesson, you heard that Sargassum seaweed washes up on beaches, making the beaches uncomfortable to walk on. It also lingers in the shallow water, so swimming close to shore isn’t much fun either. And then I gave you an even more shocking thing about this seaweed. I said: “Get this: it smells.”

“Get this” is a message to your listeners or readers that you’re about to make a surprising or shocking statement. This is informal, so you can use it with friends.

Imagine you’re telling a group of friends that another friend just got engaged. You might then say, “Get this: he proposed on the scoreboard of a baseball game.” (This is a surprising way to propose to someone, but it does happen!)

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