Keep your word

To keep your word is to do what you say you'll do



DefinitionYour turn

To “keep your word” is to fulfil a promise to another person, to do what you say you’ll do. If you promise to meet a friend for dinner at 8:00, you keep your word if you’re there on time, just like you promised.

The expression “keep your word” is about trust and integrity. If you a a person who keeps your word, you’re reliable, trustworthy, and you follow through on your agreements or statements. When you keep your word, you do what you said you would do, maintaining your integrity and building trust with others.

Yevgeny Prigozhin commanded a private army and was marching toward Moscow. His intentions were unclear. He later came to an agreement with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Russia would not prosecute Prigozhin for his mutiny. In exchange, Prigozhin would leave the country and go to Belarus.

Prigozhin kept his word. He promised to leave Russia, and he did.

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