Plain English Plus+ Sample Lesson

Exercises for Lesson 262

Test your knowledge with the following exercises:

  • Flash cards: Learn five vocabulary words from the lesson with a variety of learning methods.
  • Recorder: Record yourself reading a passage and compare your voice to Jeff’s.
  • Dictation: Listen to two sentences. Write what you hear and see how close you come.
  • Missing words: Fill in the missing words in a paragraph from today’s lesson.
  • Quiz: How much did you understand from today’s lesson?

Flash cards

Learn five words from today’s episode. Choose your favorite “study mode” in the bottom-right hand corner. 


Using your browser’s microphone, record yourself reading the paragraph below. After you finish, listen to your pronunciation and compare it to Jeff’s, which appears in the audio player below.

The clip below is Jeff’s voice reading the same paragraph:


Below are two sentences. Click the icon to listen to the sentence. Write what you hear in the space to the right. Click “check” to see if you got it right!

Missing words

Fill in the blanks in the paragraph below. For a hint, click the “i” icon. When you’re finished, click “check” to see how many you got right.


How much of today’s lesson did you understand? Take the test below to find out!

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This special Plain English Plus+ preview lesson included:

  • A fast version of the lesson to help you train your ear and understand English at native speed
  • Instant translations of about 50 English words and phrases into Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and German.
  • A video lesson about how to express a complex idea
  • Study exercises to help you with your pronunciation, listening, and comprehension
  • Links to related English-language articles from mainstream sources to dig deeper into the main topic

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