Lesson Number: 257

1. Main Lesson

Many TV studios are interrupting production during the quarantine

Reruns are coming, but not for Netflix

The cameras stopped rolling a while ago, and the TV industry is struggling to fill their lineups at a time when more eyeballs are glued to TVs than ever. Networks are filling prime time slots with reruns, and one station even started a “Flashback Friday” series. But one player – Netflix – is proving to have a winning strategy for a pandemic. Plus, learn the phrasal verb “pull back on.”

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2. Expression

Pull back on

To “pull back on” something means to do less of it.

3. Video lesson

Just as

Describe a time-related coincidence with ‘just as’

4. Learn the Lingo


To “binge-watch” means to watch many episodes of a TV show in rapid succession.